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Potassiumiodide + potassiumthiocyanate


ENZICUR is a natural anti-microbial system for control of powdery mildew (Erysiphe spp, Leveillula taurica, Oidium spp, Spaerotheca spp) in various crops. The product is based on naturally occurring salts (potassiumiodide and potassiumthiocyanate), enzymes (lacto-peroxidase) and substrates.


The effect is based on the formation of reactive oxygen ions, that inactivates micro organisms by oxidation. ENZICUR has a curative effect on powdery mildew, and kills both spores and mycelium on the treated surface. It works only when dissolved. Activity stops when spray solution has dried up.


ENZICUR is safe for humans and environment, development of resistance is not possible


Unit of packaging

  • 1 bag with 3 compartments containing powders, total 300 resp. 1,500 gram
  • 1 bottle with additive based on emulsifiable vegetable oil, resp. 500 and 2,500 ml.

This quantity is sufficient to prepare 200 resp. 1,000 liter spray solution.



  • Apply ENZICUR when first signs of the fungal disease are observed
  • Use regular high volume spray equipment
  • Ensure good leaf coverage, specially target the parts where fungal disease occurs
  • Repeat treatment after 5-7 days if necessary


Preparation of solution

  • Fill the spraytank up to 75% of the required amount of spray solution using water with pH between 5.5 and 6.5
  • Empty the entire content of the bag slowly while stirring the spray solution. Make sure all 3 compartments of the bag are totally empty
  • Never dissolve the powders in a small amount of water since this inactivates the system
  • First dissolve the powders thoroughly in the spraytank, then add the emulsifiable vegetable oil based adjuvant
  • Use the entire content of both powders and additive at once
  • Flush bottle and stir spray solution
  • Add the final 25% of water to the spray solution, then stir once more
  • Apply the spray solution onto the crop
  • Use the solution within 8 hours after preparation



Powdery mildew in:

  • Protected salad crops - cucumber, tomato, sweet pepper and other Solanaceae and Cucurbitacaea
  • Protected ornamental crops - rose and other Rosacaea
  • Strawberries, both protected and outdoor crops





interval (days)








do not use ENZICUR preventively

curative light

0.15 %





curative heavy

0.15 %






Environmental conditions

  • The crop must remain be wet during at least 10-20 minutes after the application, because the product is only active while the crop is wet
  • Avoid application in direct sunlight
  • The effect of ENZICUR is not dependant on temperature nor humidity



  • ENZICUR can be used in alteration with chemical fungicides
  • For side effects of ENZICUR on natural enemies see www.koppert.nl


Storage and handling

  • Storability: see package for expiry date
  • Keep dry at temperature lower than 10°C, prevent freezing
  • Closed in original packagaging



  • Use at least 1,000 l/ha spray solution for low crops and 2,000 l/ha in high crops for sufficient wetting of the crop


Empty packaging is normal (not chemical) waste, if flushed properly


Koppert BV is not liable for direct or indirect damage due to inappropriate use of the product or disrespecting directions for use.


Visual effect

the fungus dies approximately 24 hours after application of ENZICUR, then becomes greyish. Powdery mildew can even dissappear completely, just leaving a light green spot on the place where the fungus has attacked the leaf.



The introduction rates of this product should be adjusted to the mode of action of the product and the results that can be expected in the crop where the product is applied. Your local Koppert consultant or recognized distributor (see www.koppert.com) will be able to advise you further.


Only use products that are permitted in your country/state and crop. Check local registration requirements.
Koppert Biological Systems can not be held liable for unauthorized use.

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