Koppert Biological Systems develops microbial solutions for agriculture

Microbiology for increased yield and sustainable farming

On 14 October 2015, Koppert Biological Systems will announce its strategy regarding microbial solutions for agriculture. The strategic announcement will be part of a half-day seminar about the benefits of microbiology in seed and plant care.

Koppert Biological Systems’ most recent innovations focus on increased overall plant wellbeing in open field agriculture as well as protected horticulture. Microbial seed and plant care solutions increase the availability of beneficial microorganisms. They help to increase crop resilience, improve access to nutrients, and result in better soil quality. Koppert’s first microbial seed treatment product, will be launched on the same day.

The strategic announcement will be part of a half-day seminar about microbiology for professionals in the seed industry and related fields. Koppert has invited two international experts to share their expertise and discuss the opportunities for and benefits of microbiology for agriculture: 

Mohamed Hijri: Less than 60% of applied fertilizers are actually used by the plants. Unused phosphorus and nitrogen can cause 
serious environmental problems. Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi act as an extension of root systems, increasing the 
surface area that is used for nutrient absorption by more than hundred-fold.

Hijri’s Ted talk about ending the coming phosphorus crisis was viewed by hundreds of thousands of people.

Matteo Lorito contributed to the American Academy of Microbiology report ‘How microbes can help feed the world’. It claims that ‘Improved understanding of plant-microbe interactions can increase crop productivity by 20% while reducing fertilizer and pesticide requirements by 20%, within 20 years.

’Professionals from the seed industry and connected fields and representatives from the media are welcome to join us for this event. Register here to confirm your presence.

Partner for growers who value sustainability
Koppert Biological Systems ensures sustainability for the cultivation of food crops and ornamental plants. Together with growers and in partnership with nature, we work to make agricultural and horticultural products healthy, safe, productive and resilient. We achieve this by using natural enemies to combat pest infestations; bumblebees for natural pollination; natural products that support and strengthen the crops both above and underground; and develop seed dressings or coatings for large, arable crops cultivated in rows, such as soya, rice, maize, and grains.  Restoring and protecting vital ecosystems in a natural way is the basis for healthy crops and a balanced environment.


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