Koppert wins Horti Fair Innovation Award with new product Enzicur

On Tuesday 9 October, Koppert has won the Horti Fair Innovation Award 2007 with its product Enzicur. The Dutch minister of Agriculture, Mrs. Gerda Verburg announced the winner during the opening ceremony.

The jury's report for the winner read as follows:
With great conviction, the jury chose to give the award to Enzicur, produced by Koppert Biological Systems; a new and patented natural, powerful and curative fungicide combating mildew. Mildew is unable to build up resistance to this product, which is also safe for humans, the environment, pollinators and most natural enemies. It can therefore also be used in integrated pest management.

The chairman of the jury, Gijs Kok said: "Enzicur is a breakthrough in the control of fungal diseases in strawberry, aubergine, cucumber, sweet pepper and rose crops, and could also be used curatively in crops other than those already tested. As a biological product, it makes a positive contribution to the image of the horticultural sector, and high-level scientific work has been carried out over a long period of time in developing this product. As a form of biological pest control, it is a breakthrough development, and makes a contribution to sustainability."

For these reasons, this product won the top prize in the Supplies category, and was crowned overall winner of the Horti Fair Innovation Award 2007.

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