Sustainable solutions for agriculture to cope with climate change

Climate change and the drought conditions which are currently threatening agriculture in Africa need an innovative approach and the backing of ministerial legislators to address the urgent need for sustainable solutions in this sector, says the CEO of  Koppert Biological Systems, Henri Oosthoek.

‘We are concerned about the impact of the drought in Africa and the fact that water restrictions are in force,’ Henri Oosthoek observed. ‘We are here to offer farmers viable sustainable solutions for pest control and soil and seed enhancement that will help them to cope with the effects of climate change,’ Henri Oosthoek adds.

Koppert, will be taking part in the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture in Durban on the first and second of December. ‘Our company has made significant breakthroughs with its plant and soil enhancement products and with a new seed treatment which strengthens shoots and stimulates the root system,’ says Henry Oosthoek. There will be three presentations at the Durban Exhibition Centre on 1 December. They will deal with ‘Building Climate Resilience’, ‘Beneficial  Insects for Organic Pest Control’ and ‘Protecting and Enhancing Crops with Integrated Solutions’. There will be a Q & A session for queries following the last presentation by three leading agricultural experts.

‘There are important food availability, food security and food safety issues to be addressed if we are going to be able to feed the projected 9 billion population by 2050. We need to produce food with less input, but higher yields and quality. This means that we need to look a sustainable intensification and produce crops with lower production risk and less pressure on the environment,’ says Henri Oosthoek. ‘And this is where Koppert comes in with biological solutions to create an environment around the plant which makes it less vulnerable to drought, pests and diseases in a sustainable way with less dependence on chemical pesticides and fertilizers.’






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