Successful biological control is more than just supplying natural enemies. Koppert supports the user before, during and after the introduction of natural enemies in a number of ways.

A team of experts is always ready to help you.

Our consultants can answer questions such as: what are the chances of success when using integrated control in my crop? How can I switch from chemical to integrated control? What strategy gives the best benefit for the natural enemies? Which chemical corrective measures can be applied if necessary?

Our consultant will keep a close eye on the situation, together with you. How is the pest situation on your site and at other sites? Does the planned introduction strategy still fit the current situation? Which pest requires extra attention in the coming period?

Koppert provides practical, hands-on training courses for you and your staff on subjects such as recognizing pests and damage symptoms, knowledge of natural enemies or the development of a scout plan. A course tailored to your business situation is also possible. More information about our courses are available on request.

Transfer of information
All information regarding the application of biological control and pollination with bumblebees should be accurate, up-to-date and applicable in practice.
A number of the support materials provided by Koppert have come to be used worldwide as standard sources of information.
Examples include:

  • the side effects guide/database
  • illustrative posters
  • concise directions for use; summarized with pictogrammes on the product labels
  • HORIVER field guide