Horiver Tuta

Horiver Tuta Black sticky traps

Use Horiver Tuta for:

Catching and monitoring Tuta absoluta thrips


Horiver Tuta is sold in the following size:
25 x 40 cm (10 double-sided + 2 single-sided sticky cards)
Horiver has small holes that make it easier to hang the cards.

General information

When to use Horiver Tuta?

Use Horiver Tuta for monitoring and trapping of the tomato leaf mining moth Tuta absoluta.

How does Horiver Tuta work?

Sticky traps are essential in the detection and partial elimination of many species of flying pests in greenhouses. Sticky traps make it possible to detect pests at an early stage and then use biological measures to combat them. This prevents unnecessary applications of chemicals.

Moreover, counting the captured insects on the sticky traps on a regular basis makes clear when pests are present in the greenhouse, how fast their population is developing, and when their population is likely to reach its peak. In this way the grower is much better prepared for potential threats.

How to use Horiver Tuta

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Application Horiver Tuta

In a young crop, the sticky traps need to be hung vertically, just above the ground surface (15-25 cm). In mature plants, the traps may be hung up slightly higher if appropriate (some 50 cm above the ground surface). Position the sticky traps close to the expected hotspots of infestation: near doors and facades, but preferably close to the rows of plants.


For preventive use, the recommended quantity is one sticky trap per 500 m2. If the traps must contribute to the biological control of pest in so-called hot spots, use at least one trap per 100 m².


Koppert B.V. is not liable for any loss of quality if the product is stored for longer than recommended and/or under incorrect conditions

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