Bio Control in Mexico

Koppert México is glad to invite you to its 5th edition of the Bio Control course and workshop

Bio Control in Mexico
Practical experiences in Integrated Pest Management
August 1th, 2nd and 3rd, Querétaro, Querétaro. México

In this edition of our annual course and workshop; tomato, cucumber, pepper and ornamental growers will share their experiences of using Bio Control as an important tool of their day to day work.

All participants will have the chance to practice directly on the crop. An entire day will be dedicated to hands-on work on a commercial tomato greenhouse. For example, participants will perform daily Bio Control tasks such as: setting and counting sticky cards on the crop, releasing beneficials in the crop, identifying pest and beneficial insects on plants and on sticky traps, register and analyze pollination and Bio Control data, etc. etc.

Check out the following links for registration and fees information:

5to Curso Koppert PROGRAMA Y COSTO
5to Curso Koppert INVITACION Y MAPA

Looking forward to see you soon in Querétaro!

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