CAPSANEM highly effective against caterpillars

Koppert Biological Systems introduces the product CAPSANEM, a product based on the nematode Steinernema carpocapsae. It controls not only caterpillars but also the larvae of the crane fly. Pest insects cannot develop resistance against Steinernema carpocapsae.
Steinernema carpocapsae uses a so called ambush strategy. It simply waits till a pest insect passes and then attacks. The nematode enters the pest insect through a body opening. Under normal circumstances this process takes a few hours and the infected insect will die within a few days.
Effective against several pests
Steinernema carpocapsae controls several different caterpillars such as the beet armyworm, tomato looper and the cabbage moth.
It is also effective against larvae of crane flies (Tipula spp.) and can be used on lawns, golf courses and general turf applications.
Resistance impossible
CAPSANEM is 100% biological and it is impossible for insects to develop resistance. It can be used in conjunction with other natural enemies and chemicals for corrective measures.
Koppert sells the new product in two pack sizes: 50 million and 500 million nematodes.
Read the CAPSANEM directions for use for more details or Contact us.

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