Capsanem very effective natural enemy of Duponchelia

DLV Gewasbescherming in the Netherlands investigated the effect of Capsanem, which contains the beneficial nematode Steinernema carpocapsae; in fighting Duponchelia fovealis in Kalanchoë. The results were impressive with approximately 95% killed.
DLV Gewasbescherming, a part of DLV Plant, released eighty caterpillars of the butterfly species Duponchelia per test plot of 20 plants within a commercial greenhouse. The plants were treated the following day. One of the treatments made use of Capsanem and as a control, some plots were sprayed with water. After ten days, the remaining caterpillars were counted.
On the control plots treated with water, an average of just under 40 live caterpillars were counted. On the plots where Capsanem was applied, the average number of live caterpillars found was around 2.5. Compared with the other treatments, this amounts to 95% killed.
The treatment with Capsanem was significantly more effective than the other treatments. This applies both to the number of live caterpillars and the damage done by the caterpillars.
This demonstrates that Capsanem is a good addition in the biological control against Duponchelia.
Koppert introduced Steinernema carpocapsae onto the market under the trade name Capsanem. The product can be used in crops like sweet peppers, begonias and kalanchoë.

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