Film shows positive results of Limonica trials

Film shows positive results of Limonica trials

In a four-minute film, two growers talk about their experiences with the use of the predatory mite Amblydromalus limonicus to combat whitefly and thrips. Koppert introduced this new predatory mite in the early part of this year.

Amblydromalus limonicus (marketed under the product name Limonica) has a number of impressive strengths. These unique characteristics are explained by a researcher at Koppert Biological Systems. For example, it is the only predatory mite to also eat larger thrips larvae (phases L1 and L2) and eggs, as well as all larval stages of whitefly. It also has a big appetite and an outstanding reproductive capacity, and is active across a broad temperature range, from 13°C to 30°C. This combination of unique characteristics has produced good results in practice. Two rose growers talk enthusiastically about these results.

To watch the film, please click on the link below:

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