Innovations at International Horti Week

During the Horti Week in the Netherlands Koppert will be present with a stand at the Horti Fair (08.0113) and IFTF (B5.07). This year there will be numerous reasons to visit us.

Support water project in Ghana with Horti Fair registration
If you register to the Horti Fair via the special registration link on the Koppert website we will donate one euro for Heart for the Nations, a water project in Ghana ( Visitors who have registered in this way can also collect a small gift from the Koppert stand.

Amblydromalus limonicus
The new predatory mite Amblydromalus limonicus eats more and breeds more quickly than other predatory mites. At the end of this year, Koppert will be launching it on the market. Amblydromalus limonicus combats thrips and whitefly, but spider mite is also on the menu. A quality unique to limonicus is that it eats thrips in the second larval phase. Furthermore it has a wide-ranging diet and can cope with a wide temperature range. Expectations are high. Research has shown it to be the most effective way of combating thrips, but the predatory mite was difficult to breed. That problem has now been solved.

NatuGro is the application of biological solutions both above and below ground, a total approach which is unique within the market. Koppert plans to market a complete concept for below the ground’s surface, based on the three most important pillars: analyses of the soil life, advice and products. The company is thus adding a totally new dimension to its mission to contribute to a sustainable, clean and thus healthy cultivation method. A balanced and healthy root system is a solid foundation for improving plant health and reducing dependence on chemicals.

Delphibug (Delphastus catalinae)
Delphastus catalinae is a new predatory beetle which combats different types of whitefly, including the two main species: Trialeurodes vaporariorum and Bemisia tabaci. A special feature of Delphastus is that it continues to perform in conditions which are too hostile for other natural enemies. Sticky whitefly hotspots are no problem for the predatory beetle. The beetle loves the eggs and larvae of the whitefly and eats huge volumes, over 150 eggs a day. Delphibug is used in situations in which the whitefly population is getting out of hand.

Koppert is launching the compact bumblebee hive Minipol. The 'little brother' of Natupol and Tripol contains a bumblebee colony that offers a better balance with the amount of food available in the crop. Minipol primarily satisfies the needs of vegetable, soft-fruit and seed producers with growing areas measuring up to 750 m².

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