Iranian delegation visits Koppert

In response to the growing interest in protected horticulture in Iran, a delegation of 16 horticultural businessmen and growers today (5 December) visited Koppert Biological Systems at its headquarters in Berkel en Rodenrijs. The visit initiated by the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO), was organized by the Nederlands Export Combinatie (NEC) together with Holland Horti International and the Dutch Embassy in Teheran.

The Ministry of Agriculture in Iran has expressed the ambition to increase the area dedicated to (greenhouse)horticulture by 40,000 hectares over the next ten years. Ground water problems have been cited as one of the reasons for a more efficient approach to resources in this country. The ministry is also actively supporting sustainable alternatives to chemical agents in horticulture in Iran.

‘This is the third Iranian delegation that I have accompanied to Koppert this year,’ says Amir Khossussi, Koppert’s exclusive partner in Iran for more than ten years. ‘These visits signal a new era of cooperation in horticulture between Iran and the Netherlands.’ More than 20 of Koppert’s products are registered in Iran.

The RVO says the mission that visits a number of horticultural organizations between 3 and 7 December, hopes to share Dutch technological knowledge with Iran and pave the way for trade between these two countries. The members of the delegation have all registered interest in developing greenhouse production in various regions in Iran.

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