Lurem-TR. for detection of thrips

Koppert will launch a new luring dispenser by the name of Lurem-TR. on the market, to aid in the early detection of various species of thrips. This dispenser is used in combination with Horiver sticky traps. The product has been developed in collaboration with Plant Research International in the Netherlands and Crop and Food Research from New Zealand, and will be available from June 2007.
In contrast with other dispensers, Lurem-TR. dispensers contain an aromatic substance rather than sex-specific pheromones; they therefore attract both males and females. It is also effective on various species of thrips, such as Onion thrips (Thrips tabaci), Western flower thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis), Rose thrips (Thrips fuscipennis) and Echinothrips americanus. Thanks to its great attraction for thrips, Lurem-TR. is even effective at very low levels of thrips infestation. In the periods in which thrips are present in very large numbers, they are strongly attracted by sticky traps featuring a Lurem-TR. dispenser. This can result in 18 times more thrips per sticky trap compared with a sticky trap without a dispenser. Thanks to the slow-release system of the Lurem-TR., it is effective for a period of at least 4 weeks.
Effects of Lurem-TR.
Once the film has been removed from the back side of the dispenser, the luring substance will start to evaporate very evenly through the perforated membrane. The attraction of that substance for the thrips quickly lures them towards the sticky traps. Thanks to the smart design including a hook, it is always possible to attach the dispenser onto or within a few centimetres of a sticky trap. By making Lurem-TR. a permanent feature of the total thrips control regime, the presence of thrips can be detected at an early stage and the infestation can be tackled even more efficiently.
Advantages of Lurem-TR.
- Attracts both Western flower thrips and Onion thrips
- Equally attractive to male and female thrips
- Patented aromatic substance and technology
- Lures thrips from their hiding places
- Effective in many different crops
- Also effective at low infestation levels
- Easy to hang up and to switch between sticky traps
Lurem-TR. is available in boxes of 20 dispensers and in bulk packages containing 5 boxes of 20 dispensers.

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