More certainty with Koppert’s pheromones

Not many growers are aware of it, and for this reason it is worthwhile drawing your attention to the following: Koppert supplies a large number of pheromones to greenhouse horticulture sector, sexual attractants that enable you to detect insect pests – and implement more focused control measures more rapidly.

We have pheromones available for a wide range of insect pests. Although the pheromones attracting moths/butterfl ies have become particularly wellknown in recent years, other pests such as mealy bugs (Planococcus citri) and a beetle in date palms (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus) can also be detected using pheromones. In other words, pheromones further increase the certainty of your detection system – and from two perspectives: firstly, you are able to discover the presence of an insect pest in your crop and, secondly, when you use pheromones you can also establish that a specific insect is not present in your crop, and that you have no need to be concerned.

The very best quality Koppert’s pheromones are produced by Pherobank, a business unit of Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR). Consequently, you can count on pheromones of the very best quality. In view of the success achieved by pheromones, we are now making arrangements for the maintenance of permanent stocks of the most-used pheromones within the near future.

If you are interested in more information about the use of pheromones, please contact your consultant, distributor or Koppert, who would be happy to explain the options available to you.