Natupol Excel Hive Drives Efficient Pollination

Natupol Excel drives efficient pollination


The new Natupol Excel hive has features which make it the best-suited hive for difficult pollination conditions, e.g. high temperatures, high flower numbers, or low light levels.

- The hive has a larger volume of sugar water and houses a bigger colony, increasing its pollination capacity.

- Modified ventilation openings ensure the hive has the edge during hotter times of the year, particularly in greenhouses. These openings are now screened, so any unwanted visitors, e.g. wasps, cannot enter through the ventilation holes.

- The Natupol Excel hive also incorporates varying reflective cues around the entrance, to help the bumblebees relocate their own hive, when returning to the nest, meaning fewer bumblebees being lost in the crop, resulting in more effective pollination.



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