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Quality Mirical improved

Mirical now has a longer shelf life thanks to changes to the production and logistical process

Last year, Koppert started up a special investigative process in order to improve the quality of its product Mirical. This resulted in a doubling of the shelf life, which brings particular advantages in longer logistical processes.

Two changes form the basis of this improvement. Firstly, Koppert is using a modified carrier material with effect from 2 January 2017. Secondly, changes have been made to the logistical process, assuring the proper and necessary ventilation of the product throughout the chain.

The investigation focused on the entire chain, and more than fifteen different aspects were checked. Andre Bloem (TQM Quality Assurance coordinator at Koppert) explains. ‘We have worked hard on this project. We have tested the modifications in various longer-term processes. With the new carrier material, and on condition that the modified transport conditions are strictly adhered to, the shelf life of the product Mirical has been extended by 100%. That is a result to be proud of.’

Koppert indicates that it will continue its advice to use the product immediately after receipt. Product manager Tim Bossinga explains. ‘We are dealing with live material. The management of the logistical process is something that sets Koppert apart from competitors. However, that doesn't change the fact that natural enemies simply have a relatively short life span. That's why we recommend that the product be used immediately after receipt.’

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