Peter Maes wins Export Manager Award 2008 for Koppert

Peter Maes, Sales and Marketing Manager at Koppert Biological Systems, became the proud winner of the Export Manager Award on Tuesday 7 October.

The prize was presented by State Secretary Frank Heemskerk from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Before the ceremony, the four finalists held a presentation in front of the jury and a large audience of company directors and export, sales and area managers in the ING House in Amsterdam. The jury and other members of the audience were then given an opportunity to ask critical questions.

One of the jury members remarked that Peter painted a clear picture of what exports are all about: “Empathy with people and culture, speaking the same language, and listening to what the customer wants.”

Peter Maes made clear in his presentation that exports are not just the job of the export manager, but rather a team effort involving the whole company.

The Export Manager Award is organised by Fenedex and Export Select. For more information, visit

Koppert Biological Systems is global leader in the market for biological crop control and natural pollination, and specialises in sustainable solutions for agriculture and horticulture. It has offices in 15 countries and sells products in over 70. In the past year, Koppert won the Horti Fair Innovation Award with a new enzyme-based natural fungicide to combat mildew and other fungal diseases. In 2008, Koppert was awarded a place in the Deloitte list of the 50 Best-Managed Companies.

Pictures of the ceremony can be found here.

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