Positive experiences with the use of Swirski-Mite LD

Koppert: positive experiences with the use of Swirski-Mite LD

Swirski-Mite LD was launched in a number of countries at the end of the year 2011. “LD” stands for Long Duration. It contains the same predatory mite as our product Swirski-Mite Plus, with the same unique characteristics but supplied in a sachet that, under the right conditions, releases new mites in larger numbers over a longer period of time. In this way, growers can keep Amblyseius swirskii in the crop for long periods and in large numbers. This is necessary to eliminate any new threats of infestation before they can take hold. This offers growers much more protection.

The LD-variant has a lot of potential in crops as rose, gerbera and cucumber, when there is both a lack of prey for Amblyseius swirskii and a lack of other food on which to survive in the crop.

Since the introduction of the product to the market a lot of rose growers experienced positive results. During the period in which Amblyseius swirskii emerges from the LD sachet, in many cases twice as many mites emerged compared with the standard packaging. This made the control of thrips and whitefly more robust and reliable.

But also in vegetables this product has a lot of added value. For cucumber growers in Spain Swirski-Mite LD protects their crop much better and for longer periods. During the months December and January the temperatures can be particularly low. Swirski-Mite LD is well able to cope with these low temperatures. Also, if a grower needs to spray with a fungicide and kills the swirskii mites on the leafs, soon new mites will come out of the long duration sachets and will colonize the leaf again. All together, Swirski-Mite LD offers great advantages for cucumber growers in Spain.