Predatory beetle to control whitefly hotspots now on the market

Koppert Biological Systems has launched a new product to combat whitefly in crops such as gerbera, roses, cucumber and aubergine. The predatory beetle Delphastus catalinae is introduced to the market by the name Delphibug and is immediately available.

This predatory beetle combats several whitefly species among which the two most important ones are: Trialeurodes vaporariorum and Bemisia tabaci.

Delphastus is unique for its performance under circumstances where other beneficials lose interest. Whitefly hot spots that start to get sticky are not a problem for this new beneficial insect from Koppert. It is very fond of whitefly eggs and larvae and feeds on very high quantities. For example, it can eat more than 150 eggs per day.

Delphastus catalinae is an addition to other Koppert products used against whitefly, including Ercal, En-Strip and Swirski-Mite. Delphibug is applied in situations where whitefly populations get out of control. This predatory beetle should not be used on tomatoes. The glandular hairs of tomatoes form too big an obstacle for this glutton, something that also affects several other beneficials.

Product Manager Steven Bol tells about the advantages of Delphibug in a short movie which can be watched by clicking here.

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