Tools for thrips control in roses

After establishing successful biological control of spider mite, thrips are often the next challenge in roses. Dutch growers are very enthusiastic about intensive application of small (10x25cm) Horiver-TR. blue sticky traps in combination with Lurem-TR. to catch thrips adults.

This measure is combined with frequent introductions of Amblyseius swirskii, sometimes Hypoaspis on substrate and/or soil, and corrective sprays with thiamethoxam or spinosad mixed with Attracker. Removing open flowers and buds is common practice. It is very important to bring this material rapidly out of the greenhouse and prevent thrips to escape and re-invade the crop.

Show whitefly a yellow card!

04 07 2017
Show whitefly a yellow card

With summer temperatures up in the 20s and 30s, pests like whitefly are thriving! That's why it's particularly important to show these pests a yellow...