50 years of experience in free Hoogendoorn & Koppert webinar

Webinar Hoogendoorn-Koppert assimilates balance

The year 2017 is a special year for Koppert Biological Systems and Hoogendoorn Growth Management, as it marks the 50th anniversary of both companies. Being partners, their joint expertise has led to various successful international projects. It is therefore a pleasure to organize the next webinar ‘Assimilates balance’ together on Wednesday, October 25, 2017.

This 60-minute webinar is the 2nd webinar of the Hoogendoorn and Partners Webinar Series on ‘Next Generation Growing’, consisting of four webinars. The first webinar on plant empowerment was organized with partner LetsGrow.com on October 5. In this previous webinar the three plant balances that mainly determine the growth processes of a plant were introduced: the water balance, the energy balance, and the assimilates balance. In the following webinar, Koppert and Hoogendoorn will discuss the assimilates balance in more detail.

When?  Wednesday October 25, 2017
Where? Online
Duration?  60 minutes
What?  Assimilates balance
Time?  9 am or 3 pm (CET)

What you will learn during this webinar?

• How does the assimilates balance of plants work?
• How to monitor and control the assimilates balance?
• What is the impact of the assimilates balance on crop health?
• How to maintain your crop more resilient?

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The joint webinar will be presented by René Beerkens, greenhouse climate consultant at Hoogendoorn and Mark van der Werf, crop consultant at Koppert Biological Systems.

René Beerkens, Hoogendoorn  
As a Greenhouse grower’s son, it is no surprise that René Beerkens has a passion for Horticulture. René joined Hoogendoorn in 2000 to combine his interest for computers and horticulture as a consultant and trainer with a focus on data driven growing. His daily job is to help growers around the world to optimize their greenhouse climate, irrigation and energy controls. This is done by digitizing Growers experience based on ‘green thumb’ feelings into strategically chosen digital set points on the Hoogendoorn climate controls.

Mark van der Werf, Koppert     
Being born and raised on a cucumber farm, Mark van der Werf has been contaminated with “green fingers” at a young age. With nearly 20 years of experience in growing cucumbers and (snack) tomatoes, Mark focused more and more on new growing developments: The Next Generation Growing, plant juice analyses for steering fertilization and dosing microorganisms and bio stimulants for a stronger and healthier (more resilient) crop. In 2016 Mark started as a crop consultant for Koppert to help growers worldwide to make their crop more resilient.

About NGG
Next Generation Growing (NGG) is a new way of growing introduced in the Dutch greenhouse industry by the Dutch Cooperative Growers’ Association. The primary aim of NGG is to optimize plant growth by improving the greenhouse climate conditions.

In the Netherlands, an intensive educational programme was introduced in which hundreds of Dutch growers and consultants were educated and trained to expand their knowledge of physics and plant physiology. By applying the principles of NGG they improve their crop results and minimize energy costs at the same time.

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