TRIANUM gives soil diseases no chance!

Trianum is a new agent that strengthens the roots of numerous crops and protects them from diseases like Fusarium, Pythium, Rhizoctonia and Sclerotinia. Trianum increases the plants resistance to these soil-borne diseases, meaning you can cut down on your use of fungicides. Thanks to the unique working mechanism, pathogenic organisms are not able to develop resistance to Trianum. Moreover, your crop can develop measurably better, both above ground and underground. Furthermore, less fungicide needs to be used. Trianum has been tested extensively in many countries, and many growers use the agent with good results. The use of Trianum is of course safe for people, the crop and the environment. Choose the best solution and give soil-borne diseases no chance.

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A properly functioning root system is essential for a well-growing plant with the best possible yield. Extensive fundamental and practical research has shown that the fungus Trichoderma harzianum T-22 (TRIANUM) can help the root systems of many different kinds of plants to perform better. The mycelia of Trichoderma harzianum grow at the same rate as the normal root development, and thus cover the roots. This mycelial covering forms a physical barrier against attack from pathogens such as Pythium and Fusarium. Trichoderma also absorbs the exudates from the roots; consequently, pathogens are given no chance to develop themselves due to a lack of nutrients. In turn, the exudates of Trichoderma are able to break down the cell walls of pathogens. A root system that is less subject to attack is better able to develop. It goes without saying that a better developed root system supports the overground growth processes better thanks to the increased uptake of nutrients and greater resistance against water stress. This difference has been shown convincingly in many practical trials.

Preventative application
Preventative application is essential to ensure the effectiveness of TRIANUM. After all, only then can the mycelia colonise the roots sufficiently and fast enough. We advise the application of TRIANUM as early as the propagation phase. A TRIANUM treatment is effective for approx. 12 weeks. Around that time, the number of Trichoderma spores declines, partly due to competition with other organisms in the soil. This has been demonstrated in trials by regularly measuring the presence of Trichoderma on the roots. A booster application (a half dose) is sufficient to ensure effectiveness for a further 12-week period.

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