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Date published: July 13, 2022

Plant Pollinator interactions in high temperatures

Plant Pollinator interactions in high temperatures

Many of the crops we rely on need to be pollinated to produce food, but extreme heatwaves are effecting pollination. This is a problem in a world facing climate change.

Proper pollination of a tomato flower is the most critical process related to fruit set, yield, and quality. Poorly pollinated flowers never become premium fruit, no matter how perfect a climate the grower creates. Pollination therefore deserves the utmost attention.

Many aspects need to be considered for good pollination. Pollinating insects, the strength of plants, and environmental conditions all play an important role. It is crucial to recognize the direct and longer-term impact of hot climate conditions affecting both the plants/flowers and pollinating insects such as bumblebees.

The White Paper written on this subject in collaboration with horticultural consultant Godfrey Dol is available in a variety of languages.

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