Noli Bio-fungicides Metschnikovia fructicola NRRL Y-27328

Use Noli for:

Grey mold (Botrytis fuckeliana as well known under them name of B. cinerea) and brown rot of fruits (Monilinia spp)


1kg & 5kg package 

General information

When to use Noli?

Use Noli preventively for the biological control of Botrytis and Monilinia. Noli can be used as recurrent application but the product is at its best in an integrated program. Noli can be used even before the day of harvest and has in contrast to chemical applications no risk for resistances and residues.

How does Noli work?

Main mode of action is the preventive suppression of the grey mold by a competition for nutrients and space. In the competition for space, the antagonistic yeast has the advantage of rapid growth and formation of an extracellular polysaccharide capsule that can promote adhesion to fruit and flower surface forming biofilms covering the entire area.

How to use Noli

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Noli can be used with conventional spray equipment.

  • Take care the spray tank is cleaned before use
  • Fill the spray tank with water and add the required amount of product while agitating. Agitate mixture before and during application.
  • Use a sprayer designed to apply high volumes of water and matched to the crop being sprayed. Set up and operate the sprayer to achieve even coverage throughout the crop.

Best working conditions

Do not apply in sunny conditions, preferably in the evenings. Noli is actively developing in a broad temperature range (6 and 35C) and an optimal growth at 20-28C.



Storage temperature: 0-4°C: Keep dry and in the dark in, closed original packaging. Koppert B.V. is not liable for any loss of quality if the product is stored for longer and/or under different conditions than recommended.

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