Within the system, a distinction is made between three different types of analysis. The crop and the business situation determine the number and types of analyses to be carried out. The ultimate goal is to gather as much knowledge as possible and to be able to control what happens in the substrate.

1. Prolytics

Prolytics is the analysis of the soil food web and is performed using a special microscope. The quantity (biomass) and activity of different groups of micro-organisms comprising the food web – such as bacteria, fungi and protozoa – are examined.

2. Trianum analysis

The quantities in which Trianum is present cannot be determined by means of the food web analysis. In a separate sample, Koppert’s laboratory investigates whether Trianum is present on a plant’s roots and, if so, in what quantities.

3. DNA pathogen scan

A DNA pathogen scan provides insight into the types and quantities of pathogens present in the growth medium.