As from July 2016, Koppert has chosen new names for the entire biostimulants and biofertilisers range, keeping the current extension names such as Funda, Parva, Terrum, Fortum… etc.
These products were formerly known as Pro xxx products.

The new names use three groups of products, Veni – Vidi – Vici.

Veni xxx              -          non-botanical sourced products
Vidi xxx               -          botanical sourced products
Vici xxx               -          microbial sourced products

The contents of the products did not change.


Vidi Parva: Root formation is crucial during early growth phases.
A well-developed and healthy root system provides the foundation for a resilient and balanced plant. Vidi Parva can significantly contribute to root initiation and condition when applied during propagation and cultivation phases, where the grower requires root stimulation, establishment and growth.

Vidi Fortum: Improved root activity and better growth.
Vidi Fortum stimulates the soil life around the roots, which increases the nutrition available to the plant. The increased absorption of nutrients results in improved vegetative growth and makes the plant more stress resistant.

Vidi Funda: The perfect biological balance in the soil. Vidi Funda restores the natural balance of soil life and supports the development of useful natural fungi. Following mineralization, the plant is able to absorb the nutrients in this natural soil improver which, in turn, minimizes leaching. Vidi Funda results in increased
production and improved quality.

Vidi Terrum: Improve your crop's resistance to stress
Vidi Terrum prevents the stagnation in growth that is the result of stress. This product stimulates the defense mechanisms and stress resistance of the crop. This supports photosynthesis and makes the crop more vital and productive.

Fortafol: A water-soluble emulsion of humic and fulvic acids, is a biostimulant that stimulates and strengths the crop in an entirely natural way.

Veni Calcium: A multifunctional boost for your plants.
Calcium is important for the vitality and health of plants. Veni Calcium provides the plant with this vital element in an easy-to absorb form and is even able to correct localized calcium deficiencies.

Products protected growth

Trichoderma harzianum T-22
Trichoderma harzianum T-22
100% natural hydrophilic sulfur
Veni Calcium
Specialised formulation based on the filtered water extract from calcium
NK liquid EC fertilizer based on a highly accessible single iron trace element
NK liquid EC fertilizer with the unique power of a natural elicitor
(formerly ProFortum)
(formerly ProFunda)
(formerly ProParva)
(formerly ProTerrum)