The NatuGro system

A complete system, starting in the soil
Our biological crop protection and pollination products have been contributing to the optimum health and productivity of crops for many years. Using the soil as a starting point is a new notion. As you have come to expect from Koppert, we are tackling this new challenge with a very thorough approach. We are doing so with the NatuGro system. NatuGro is an abbreviation of Natural Growing. It is a complete system, starting in the soil.

Koppert works on four fronts:
1 The addition of micro-organisms such as Trichoderma harzianum T-22 (Trianum) and the boosting of biodiversity through compost extract.
2 Products that stimulate the beneficial organisms present in the soil.
3 Analyses of the microscopic life present in the soil or substrate.
4 Personal, tailored advice.

How does it work?
There is a great diversity of micro-organisms to be found around the roots of a plant, and each has a specific role within the growth medium. A well-balanced underground ecosystem makes a vital contribution to plant health by making the right nutrients and disease-suppressant elements available. We make a distinction between bacteria, fungi, protozoa (single-cell organisms) and nematodes living around and interacting with the plant’s roots. Our new products allow us to steer the underground ecosystem in the desired direction. We monitor the effects of this via the Prolytics soil analyses, which show what is going on in the substrate or soil.