About seed treatments

Seed treatment: from chemistry to biology

While the use of chemical substances to treat seeds occurs on a large scale worldwide, treating seeds with biological substances is an application that is still in its infancy. Koppert has now developed a biological seed treatment: Panoramix.

Huge steps have been made over the past decades when it comes to seed processing, and today’s seeds show much better performances than the seeds of 20-30 years ago. Considerable improvements in yields and built-in resistance have been achieved. It is, however, becoming increasingly difficult to make further advances with genetic improvements. It is also a costly and long-term process to develop varieties with built-in resistance and new attributes.

Seed enhancement/improvement techniques

There are all sorts of techniques to improve seeds. These can be achieved through treating the seed in a specific manner or adding various substances.

  • Priming: With priming the germination process is activated so that seeds germinate more rapidly and emerge more uniformly. 
  • Pelleting: It is possible to add many different substances to seeds to change their shape (rounder, bigger) so that the seed is easier to sow. It is also possible to add all sorts of additives such as nutrients in this way.
  • Disinfection: To remove seedborn pathogens, seeds are disinfected by exposing them to warm, moist air for a specific time. Other techniques are based on low energy electrons.
  • Coating/dressing: Seeds may also have additives in the form of chemical or biological substances. These substances are applied to the seed in a powder form or as a liquid. Should the coating be applied evenly using specialised equipment, this is called film coating or dressing. An even layer covers the whole seed. Numerous layers with different substances are possible. The biological seed treatment for Panoramix is applied as a dressing.

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