Panoramix. The very best you can give your seeds.

Panoramix is a biological seed dressing that consists of a combination of plant growth promoting microorganisms and additives.

These plant growth promoting microorganisms colonize the roots and protect the crop during the entire growing season.

Useful fungi, bacteria and additives

The balanced mix of plant growth promoting microorganisms and additives ensure that Panoramix predictably performs well in various climatic circumstances. This mix of microorganisms brings about consistently positive results.

Panoramix contains various Mycorrhiza, Bacillus, and Trichoderma species that ensure that nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus are much more readily available for the plant. This means that Panoramix can make a significant contribution to a reduction in the use of fertilizers. In addition better developed root systems also make soil moisture more available for the plant. Eventually the soil becomes healthier thanks to the presence of the beneficial microorganisms.

Panoramix consist of the following mix:

  • Bacillus spp.:
    • Rapid root colonizer, active from 8°C
    • Protects against drought stress
    • Improves the absorption of available nutrients
  • Trichoderma spp.:
    • Gives long-term root colonization
    • Protects against saline/salt stress
    • Boosts general resistance
    • Improves the absorption of available nutrients
  • Endomycorrhiza:
    • Improves the absorption of available nutrients and water
    • Protects against drought stress
  • Additives such as vitamins, fulvic and humic acids etc.


Panoramix has been developed as a seed treatment product for on-farm use or for application by specialized companies (such as farmers’ cooperatives). For the best results with regard to the quality of the microorganisms, the seeds should be sown immediately after treatment.

In case of storage, a treatment up to one month before sowing is possible. The unique liquid consistency makes it easy to apply and gives the seed an even dressing. This is a considerable improvement in comparison with  products that are applied as a dry powder. Panoramix can be used by all standard seed coating machines. Ensure that the machine is properly set up to deal with the correct dosage.

Depending on the situation, Panoramix, can be combined with most chemical fungicides and insecticides. Seed treatment products on the basis of a chemical fungicide, give immediate protection against diseases. By adding Panoramix the effect is prolonged, making the plant resistant for the whole season.


  • Improves crop vigour
  • Boosts plant resistance
  • Reduces the need for fertilizers
  • Increases yield

Panoramix offers you extra security to ensure that your investment in expensive seed is rewarded.

Organic certification:
Panoramix is certified by Control Union and therefore permitted for use in organic agriculture.

Directions for use

Panoramix is intended for seed dressing application and can be applied to raw seeds or pre-coated seeds (treated with chemicals). Panoramix’s special formulation makes it ready for use. No water, additional adhesives or other adjuvants need to be added.

Number of application: 1

Dosage per application:
Panoramix Wheat: 4ml/kg seeds
Panoramix Maize: 2ml/kg seeds

  • Shake the product well before use.
  • Mix the required quantity of Panoramix with the seeds.
  • Apply directly before sowing. In case of storage, a treatment up to one month before sowing is possible. Store in a dark place between 8-15°C in paper or nylon bags. Avoid plastic bags.
  • Panoramix can be kept for up to six months if stored at a temperature between 4 and 8 °C and in a dark place.


Your local Koppert consultant or recognized distributor will be able to advise you further. Only use products that are permitted in your country/state and crop. Check local registration requirements.

More information
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