Veni Prisma

Veni Prisma NK liquid EC fertilizer with the unique power of a natural elicitor

Use Veni Prisma for:

More flowering, better fruit set and more yield.


1 litre bottle

General information

When to use Veni Prisma?

Veni Prisma shortens the crop cycle which results in earlier harvest. It stimulates root development which results in the development of healthier and more robust plants.

How does Veni Prisma work?

Veni Prisma stimulates the production of phyto-alexines increasing plant tolerance level and immune system. Additionally, it accelerates the process of plant photosynthesis by triggering the activity and production of the chloroplast. The net result is a healthy high quality crop characterized by a higher biomass and a bigger fruit size resulting in yield increase and thus a higher return on investment.

How to use Veni Prisma

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  • Foliar spray using every common spraying equipment
  • Drench using irrigation systems such as drip system


The information given below is merely indicative. Tailored advice requires detailed information on local factors, such as the crop itself, climate conditions and the level of infestation. To ensure a correct approach, please consult a Koppert specialist or a recognized distributor of Koppert products.


  • Foliar spray: 1-2L/ha depending on spray water volume
  • Irrigation: 1L/ha regardless of irrigation water volume

Best working conditions

Do not mix with products that contain Sulfur or H2O2.


Koppert B.V. is not liable for any loss of quality if the product is stored for longer than recommended and/or under incorrect conditions.

Storage instructions:

  • Two years in a cool dark place (<20°C).
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Protect against freezing.

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