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Increase production blueberries: Koppert bumblebees

Production greatly increased with good quality bumblebees

Murray Tweedie insists there is no doubt about it: Koppert bumblebees are indispensable for good pollination. Since he started using Quad hives in 2005, the two-year average production level at his company has increased from 1,730 kg to 5,100 kg per hectare. He regularly receives compliments from...

Koppert: Residue free growing with NatuGro

Tommies producer well on the way towards entirely residue-free cultivation

Is 100% residue-free cultivation possible? And if so, is it necessary? Atthe Dutch company Greenco, the founder and producer of Tommie snack tomatoes, they believe it both possible and desirable. The company set itself this ambitious goal in 2010. The finish line is already coming into view; the...

Koppert: Rotabug launched at Fruit Focus

Unique dispersal system for the efficient use of natural enemies in outdoor crops

The effectiveness of natural enemies is optimized if they are evenly dispersed throughout the crop. Koppert developed the unique Rotabug dispersal system in order to make natural enemy dispersal even easier and more efficient in crops such as strawberries. The system can be easily modified to suit...

Afbeelding 1 - Swirskii

Afbeelding 2 - Trianum



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