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Koppert and HillFresh

Sustainable cultivation is the primary requirement at trading company HillFresh International

The flags are fluttering cheerfully at HillFresh International. That is not surprising, because the trading company has successfully built up a strong position in the international potato, fruit, and...

Koppert: NatuGro in blueberries

‘The plot with the lowest productivity became the most productive'

Blueberry Giant is 40 hectares large and is based in Weeze, Germany. The farm used NatuGro for the second time in 2014, enjoying good results once again.

Aphytis against mealybugs

New approach offers solution for mealybugs and scale insects in citrus

The California red scale and the citrus mealy bug cause enormous problems for citrus crops in countries around the Mediterranean. A new approach developed by Koppert Spain offers bright prospects and...


23-25 April

Flowers Almaty 2015, Kazakhstan 


28 April - 3 May

SIAM, Maroc



Afbeelding 1 - Swirskii

Afbeelding 2 - Trianum



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