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Koppert: Horiver sticky traps against whitefly and thrips

Show whitefly a yellow card

Summer temperatures of over 20 degrees have come round again, and pests like whitefly and thrips love these temperatures. That's why it's particularly important to show pests a yellow card.


Combating vine weevils with Koppert's nematodes

Combating the black vine weevil speedily and effectively

The larvae and pupae of the black vine weevil (Otiorhynchus sulcatus) can be controlled with our beneficial nematodes. Correct application is crucial for the effectiveness of this biological solution.

Koppert - ProParva

More and more companies are using ProParva

A growing number of companies are experiencing the advantages of ProParva for themselves. This product from the NatuGro line stimulates the formation of root hairs and disease-suppressing bacteria,...

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Afbeelding 2 - Trianum



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