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Koppert: Rotabug launched at Fruit Focus

Unique dispersal system for the efficient use of natural enemies in outdoor crops

The effectiveness of natural enemies is optimized if they are evenly dispersed throughout the crop. Koppert developed the unique Rotabug dispersal system in order to make natural enemy dispersal even easier and more efficient in crops such as strawberries. The system can be easily modified to suit...

‘Koppert has changed the face of horticulture in Spain’

‘Koppert has changed face of horticulture in Spain’

Koppert Spain is celebrating twenty years since its foundation. Over these two decades, the Koppert Biological Systems subsidiary has had a huge influence on Spanish horticulture and its increased professionalization.

Trianum against Phytophthora

Trianum combined with chemicals is more effective in combating Phytophthora in DLV trial

A trial carried out by Berryplaza (part of DLV Plant - Netherlands) has demonstrated that Phytophthora in strawberry crops can best be combated by using Trianum in combination with a reduced dose of chemicals. The trial was carried out in the second half of 2013, and comparisons were made with a...

Afbeelding 1 - Swirskii

Afbeelding 2 - Trianum



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