Every day, Koppert helps growers and farmers around the world to combat pests and diseases in a natural and sustainable way. In this way, we hope to make an active contribution to a sustainable society, with safe food in sufficient quantities to feed a rapidly growing population.

Producing our natural enemies, bumblebees, and microbiological solutions is a knowledge-intensive process. In addition, implementing our products requires intensive support. Koppert therefore sells its products exclusively to professional growers and farmers.

In order to provide you with the best possible service as a consumer, we have drawn up a list of frequently asked questions. We hope you will find the answer to your question in this list.

Biological crop protection

What is biological crop protection?
The idea behind biological crop protection is very simple: natural enemies such as predatory mites, ladybugs, and parasitic wasps are released to combat harmful insects, in the same way as they do in the wild. Koppert supplies various species of parasitic wasps, predatory mites, bugs and beetles, gall midges, and lacewings. Visit our YouTube channel to see how natural enemies attack their prey.

Natural pollination

What is natural pollination?
Vegetables such as tomatoes and sweet peppers are often propagated in greenhouses. By the time a delicious little tomato reaches your plate, it has already had a very long journey. The plant first has to form fruit before the tomato can actually start to grow. In nature, insects and other animals take care of the pollination and therefore the formation of fruit. Honeybees are traditional important pollinators of arable and horticultural crops. The bumblebee is a close relative of the honeybee. In 1987, it was established that bumblebees could prove extremely useful in greenhouses for the purpose of pollination.

Microbiological solutions

In addition to beneficials and pollinators, microbial products such as bacteria and fungi form a third pillar for the sustainable production of plants and crops. Even though they cannot be seen with the naked eye, these products – which can be used above ground and underground – have the potential to do incredible things. They combat diseases and pests, strengthen crops, and improve the absorption of nutrients. Their development calls for high-quality and costly scientific research.


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Ordering promotional materials

Visit our online store to order brochures and other promotional materials. Please keep in mind that the brochures and leaflets are geared towards professional growers.