Natural pollination

In 1987 it became known that bumblebees could be an excellent alternative for the fruit set of tomatoes. This was a very labour-intensive job. From that moment Koppert started producing bumblebees: Bombus terrestris for Europe and Asia, B. impatiens for North and South America. Today, bumblebees are used worldwide for the pollination of tomato crops; resulting in enormous savings in labour costs, improvements of fruit quality and sometimes even increased production. The above mentioned developments have made NATUPOL © the standard for natural pollination. The revolutionary development of WIRELESS BEEHOME improves the performance of NATUPOL in crops under artificial light.
In recent years the use of bumblebees has expanded to a range of other crops. The powerful product TRIPOL gives excellent pollination of many fruit crops, both indoors and outdoors. Bumblebees have also proved to be useful in the domain of seed selection and seed production.

The benefits of natural pollination for the user are manifold:

  • labour costs savings
  • improved fruit quality
  • increased production
  • decreased dependence on weather conditions or native pollinators
  • better working environment due to reduced pollen levels in glasshouses

Flies are increasingly being used for the pollination of seed-producing crops. To supplement its pollination programme, Koppert has been marketing the Lucilia caesar fly under the product name, NATUFLY, since early 2010. NATUFLY can be used effectively in combination with bumblebees and honeybees.

NATUPOL and TRIPOL can be applied in many crops. Below you will find the most important vegetable, fruit and seed crops. Click on any crop and you will find information that is relevant for the pollination of that particular crop.

NATUFLY is used in the cultivation of seed-producing crops. The product is simple to use and ideally suited to smaller areas. For additional information, click on the brand name of the product. Here you can also find extra information on the use of NATUFLY.

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