Greenhouse crop pollination

Greenhouse pollination is vital because it ensures the efficient fertilization of plants within a controlled environment, leading to increased crop yields, improved fruit set, enhanced size, better coloration, extended production shelf life and quality. Natural pollination contributes to year-round cultivation of crops and supporting a more stable and sustainable agricultural industry.

For the past 40 years we have been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge pollination solutions for the horticultural industry. With decades of experience and extensive research, we have gained in-depth knowledge of pollinators and their behavior. Our team of experts is dedicated to creating sustainable pollination systems that mimic and enhance the natural process to optimize crop production.

Our flagship product, Natupol, is a game-changer in horticultural pollination. It harnesses the power of bumblebees, nature's most efficient pollinators, to ensure reliable and effective pollination in greenhouses. Koppert bumblebees are carefully selected, reared, and delivered to growers all around the world, providing a constant and abundant supply of skilled pollinators.

Greenhouse pollination products