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When to use Tutasan?

Use Tutasan for mass trapping of Tuta absoluta inside or outside the greenhouse. Water traps, in combination with other measures, help to realize an effective control of Tuta absoluta.

How does Tutasan work?

Tutasan is a patented trap system with an easy to handle size, equipped with a system to control the water level. Use Tutasan in combination with Pherodis pheromones. The capsule releases the scent of a species-specific sex pheromone. This scent lures adult males of the relevant butterfly/moth species into the trap.

How to use Tutasan

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Application Tutasan

Use 20-25 traps per ha (30 traps in the case of greenhouse covered with netting) uniformly distributed along the walkway and plant rows .

Instructions for usage:

  • Put the traps in the greenhouse when preparing the soil or when transplanting the plants Maintain a distance of at least 15-20 m between two traps
  • Place the trap on the soil, rock wool or at a maximum height of 40 cm
  • A continuous water supply is needed to ensure the trap works correctly

Replace the pheromones every 4-6 weeks

Preparation of the trap:

  • Place the pheromone in its green container and attach it to the upper central part of the trap (the pheromone capsule is located and protected in the centre of the traps)
  • Fill the trap with water as indicated Connect the trap with the dripper and make sure the water drips properly into the trap.
  • Add a small quantity of vegetal oil or liquid soap as wetting agent


The water trap itself requires no special storage conditions.

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