Koppert One

Expertise at your fingertips

In the dynamic world of agriculture, IPM is an essential element in growers’ cultivation strategies. Koppert One creates a unique synergy between data-driven insights and practical know-how by integrating digital tools with the unmatched knowledge of our expert consultants. The best of both worlds in one powerful solution. As your trusted and most knowledgeable partner for Integrated Pest Management Koppert One streamlines operations resulting in successful crop protection.

Easier and more effective

Koppert One offers an integrated set of digital tools to support all crop protection activities. This not only saves invaluable time and resources but also provides growers and consultants with one comprehensive overview of the required insights for an optimal IPM strategy.

Operational resilience

Koppert One ensures that crucial data is centrally available, enabling growers and consultants to make informed decisions. This way it creates a robust foundation for Integrated Pest Management by the ability to share knowledge and responsibilities among staff.

Data-driven with expert guidance

Koppert One provides around-the-clock access to knowledge and support. And expert guidance is just a click away. This ensures that every recommendation is not only data-driven but also scrutinized by human expertise, offering growers a dual-layered assurance of reliability and precision.


Koppert One is available for Koppert customers only in a limited amount of countries. Please visit the links below for more information: