Horiver Disc

Horiver Disc Round Sticky Trap

Use Horiver Disc for:

Catching and monitoring pest insects like:

  • Sciarid flies
  • Thrips
  • Root aphids

25x Round yellow sticky disc with a diameter of 18 cm per package.

General information

In contrast to Horiver or Horiver Wet, the adhesive of Horiver Disc does not come off on your hands. The adhesive is covered with a silicone coated paper which is removed before the trap is positioned. The adhesive on these traps is generally not active for as long as the adhesive on Horiver or Horiver Wet as it is more easily saturated with insects or dust and debris.

When to use Horiver Disc?

Use Horiver Disc to monitor and trap adult root aphids, thrips and sciarid flies.

How does Horiver Disc work?

The sticky traps are coated with a strong insect trapping adhesive on both sides. The strong glue makes sure that the pest insects that migrates from or want to land on top of the substrate stick to the trap.

How to use Horiver Disc

Application Horiver Disc

Instructions for usage:

  • Remove one or both silicone coated papers from the trap
  • The traps must be placed around the stem of the plant by opening the slit
  • Make sure the trap covers most of the growing substrate
  • Make sure the central hole of the disc fits well with the stem of the plant in order to avoid insects to crawl up the stem
  • If the hole is too big the trap can be fold into a small cone, keeping it in the cone shape by using an irrigation dripper


Use one Horiver disc per plant.


Koppert B.V. is not liable for any loss of quality if the product is stored for longer than recommended and/or under incorrect conditions.

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