Veni Calcium

Veni Calcium Filtered water extract of calcium carbonate

Use Veni Calcium for:

A multifunctional boost for the plant during stressful situations when calcium deficiency is expected


Veni Calcium is sold as liquid formulation in 5 litre and 20 litre jerry cans (country specific)

General information

When to use Veni Calcium?

  • Increasing and maintaining Ca+ availability in periods of stress and low metabolic activity 
  • Decreasing incidence of Ca+ disorders (e.g. Blossom End Rot, Bitter Pit, Tip Burn) 
  • Increasing mobility of Ca+ across epidermal layer and raising cell sap levels 
  • Disease management through cell wall strength 
  • Foliar application without calcium deposits on fruit and flowers

How does Veni Calcium work?

Most calcium fertilizers contain calcium in suspension. These positively charged calcium ions are bound  to large, negatively charged counterions (e.g. sulphates, nitrates, phosphates and chloride). These larger molecules will restrict the movement of the Ca+. In Koppert’s Veni Calcium, a solution, the counterions are small due to the production and application process.  This means that the Calcium, is not locked in a large molecule and can be more easily absorbed across the epidermal layer. 

As research has progressed, calcium’s role is being increasingly seen as crucial in the regulation of the growth and development of commercial agricultural crops. Growers are looking for innovative methods to ensure reliable calcium levels are maintained, not only to avoid deficiencies, but to promote crop resilience against physiological and pathological disorders, induce stress tolerance, and promote balanced production.


Nutrient Content 

Calcium Oxide CaO 


Water 86%
pH 4

All components comply with EU regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008 for organic farming. This product is EKO-certified by Control Union Certifications under number CU 803627. This product is not a fertilizer or a pesticide and is exempt from legal registration requirements.

How to use Veni Calcium

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Application methods

Preparation of the solution
  • Shake the jerry can with Veni Calcium thoroughly before use
  • The application tank should be filled with half the required water prior to adding the Veni Calcium
  • Add the correct amount of Veni Calcium to the spray solution
  • Mix thoroughly
  • Fill up the application tank
  • Apply, ensuring good leaf surface coverage
Applying as a foliar
  • Always ensure that the spray tank is clean
  • Ensure good crop coverage
  • Application rates are based on 1000 litres spray volume per ha
  • Optimise crop response with addition of a sticker adjuvant 
Applying as a mist/fog
  • Low volume, cold mist equipment
  • Ensure good crop coverage
  • 2-3 litres per ha

Application rates

Select a crop to find your application rates.


Rate ml/100L 400 - 600
Application details Management of fruit quality and bitter pit

Blueberry & cane fruit

Rate ml/100L 300 - 500
Application details Commence at start of fruit growth. Continue until start of harvest.
Improve fruit quality with additional application at 500 ml/100L


Rate ml/100L 500 - 700
Application details Routine applications every 10 - 14 days during fruit development to harvest


Rate ml/100L 300 - 400
Application details Routine applications during periods of physiological and pathological stress
7 - 14 day interval


Rate ml/100L 500 - 750
Application details Every 10 - 14 days from full fruit to improve cell wall development and natural resilience

Leafy Salads

Rate ml/100L 300 - 400
Application details Every 10 - 14 days from planting to manage tip burn and leaf quality


Rate ml/100L 300 - 400
Application details Every 10 - 14 days from planting to manage tip burn and leaf quality


Rate ml/100L 300 - 450
Application details Every 10 - 14 days to improve plant quality and development


Rate ml/100L 500 - 700
Application details Routine application during periods of peak calcium demand


Rate ml/100L 300 - 450
Application details Every 10 - 14 days from planting to manage tip burn and leaf quality


Rate ml/100L 300 - 450
Application details 3 - 4 pre-harvest sprays with 7 to 14 day interval
Improve fruit quality with additional applications at 500 ml/100L

Tomato and pepper

Rate ml/100L 300 - 500
Application details Routine applications during periods of physiological and pathological stress
7 - 14 day interval

The efficacy of application depends on the type of crop, leaf coverage, and weather conditions. To test the crop reaction (e.g. precipitation), always apply the product on a small area first before the entire crop is treated. Use Veni Calcium especially during periods of high crop growth and stress. 
The information given is the recommended standard. Tailored advice requires detailed information on local factors, such as the crop itself, climate conditions and the desired response. Consult a Koppert specialist or a recognized distributor of Koppert products for further information.


  • Maintain the spray/ irrigation solution within pH range 5 - 6.5 to avoid precipitation 
  • Avoiding co-application with foliar fertilisers, especially phosphates and sulphates 
  • Can be co-applied with the Vidi product range


The graph illustrates the increased absorption of calcium in the young Elaeagnus leaves.
During a trial, a serious calcium deficiency was created by supplying the roots with only 5% of the normal required amount of calcium. The application of Veni Calcium resulted in a tip burn index that was 15% better compared to the untreated control. This indicates that the crop is able to effectively use the calcium in Veni Calcium and incorporate it into the cells.


Koppert Biological Systems is not liable for any loss of quality if the product is stored for longer than recommended and/or under incorrect conditions.

Storage instructions:

  • Shelf life: see package for expiry date 
  • Storage temperature: between 8-20 ºC 
  • After opening limited shelf life  
  • Store in a cool and dark place 
  • Keep away from direct sunlight


To the best of our knowledge this product is completely safe to use. However, as this is a concentrated extract with a pH of 4, avoid unnecessary exposure of the product to skin, eyes and other body parts. As a precaution, wear protective clothes and equipment when spraying or handling the product. Do not drink or swallow the product, as it is not meant for human consumption. Store out of reach of children and pets. See Material Safety Data Sheet.


Recycling through composting should be given preference over disposal. If recycling is not possible, the product should be disposed according to the locally valid laws on waste disposal and regulations (the competent authorities should be able to give the necessary information).

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