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Date published: April 19, 2021

Support your blueberry flowers

Flowering is a critical period in the growth cycle of a blueberry plant. The flowers on the blueberry bush will pollinate and set fruit in a 2-3-week time period, during which the plant experiences a tremendous hormonal shift to support its ‘pregnancy’. Besides the standard nutrition, the crop requires high concentrations of trace minerals and calcium. If it doesn’t get what it needs to support this hormonal shift, the plant will start to sabotage itself. This makes the plant an attractive food source for insects and diseases.

There are a few basic and easy measures to support the extra mineral demand of the plant:

  • Use a root enhancer in the spring to enhance the root mass and root quality of the plant. Koppert recommends the product Vidi Parva for this. Even better is to combine Vidi Parva with Trianum; the Trichoderma strain T22 will colonize the roots and enhance the uptake of minerals.

  • Make one or two foliar applications of seaweed extracts and a calcium foliar fertilizer during the crucial flowering and pollination. Seaweeds like Vidi Fortum contain high amounts of plant available trace element that efficiently support the high plant demand. Because the trace elements are already in a plant-based form, the response is very high. Calcium is very important in the first development stage after pollination. Veni Calcium is easily absorbed by the plant, because of its unique composition. By applying it as a foliar, it is directly available where and when the plant needs it.

These applications will have a great impact on the plant performance. Once we have optimized the number of generative buds in the fall, ensured active nutrition and balance in flowering and pollination, everything is ready for a good harvest.