McPhail Trap

McPhail Trap House fly and wasp Trap

Use McPhail Trap for:

Trapping house flies and wasps


One trap with hanging string

To be ordered separately: liquid luring substance

General information

The McPhail Trap is a funnel trap used for capturing flies and wasps. The trap is used in combination with a liquid luring substance.

When to use McPhail Trap?

The McPhail trapping system can be used to detect new infestations of flies and wasps as well for monitoring insect populations. The trap can also be set up to act as a physical barrier against insect infestations.

How does McPhail Trap work?

McPhail trap, is used for trapping a wide variety of flies and other insects. The trap is baited with an attractant to lure the pest. Flies enter the trap through the inverted funnel. Once inside they cannot escape and will land and sink in the liquid attractant.

How to use McPhail Trap

Application McPhail Trap

  • Traps need to be placed where insects will fly and where access to the trap is not impeded or where there is a westerly prevailing wind.


1-2 traps per hectare


Koppert B.V. is not liable for any loss of quality if the product is stored for longer than recommended and/or under incorrect conditions.

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