Wireless Beehome

Wireless Beehome Automatic hive entrance opening for Natupol hives

Use Wireless Beehome for:

The Wireless Beehome system helps to improve pollination of crops grown under artificial light, during the darker months in autumn and winter.


The Wireless Beehome system consists of a receiver for each active hive and a central transmitter.

General information

When to use the Wireless Beehome system

With the Wireless Beehome system, the hive entrance of the Natupol hives can be opened and closed automatically on set times. When assimilation lights dominate the natural (UV) light in the greenhouse during winter time, bumblebees have  difficulties with their orientation. This has a negative effect on pollination. The Wireless Beehome system facilitates the  release of bumblebees only under favourable light conditions, by timely opening and closing the hive entrance. It not only improves the bumblebees’ pollination performance, but also improves the development and lifespan of the colonies.

How the Wireless Beehome system works

Each Wireless Beehome receiver can open or close the hive entrance of a Natupol hive on set times. One central transmitter can manage several receivers in the greenhouse. The moment of opening  and closing the hive entrance can be controlled by:

  • a signal from the climate computer
  • a timer connected to the central transmitter

How to use Wireless Beehome

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Download the manuals of the Wireless Beehome system

Best working conditions

Protect the Wireless Beehome transmitters and receivers against condensation, moisture and direct sunlight.


The battery of the Wireless Beehome receiver can last for two seasons but only if the receivers are switched off after removal from the greenhouse.

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