Natupol Booster

Natupol Booster Bombus terrestris

Use Natupol Booster for:

Pollination of open field crops with short flowering period for areas measuring between 500 to 5000 m2


One hive with a large colony of bumblebees including a queen, workers, brood and sugar water

General information

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When to use Natupol Booster?

Natupol Booster is especially developed to achieve the very best pollination results in crops with a flowering period of between one and four weeks and for the pollination of open-field crops for areas measuring 500 to 5000 m2. Bumblebees can be used in almost all open field crops requiring pollination, such as: stone fruits (cherries, plums, apricots); pip fruits (apples, pears, kiwis); soft fruits (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries); cucurbits (water-melons, pumpkins, etc.) and seed crops (hybrid rapeseed, etc.).

How does Natupol Booster work?

The Natupol Booster is a hive with a large colony of bumblebees. Extra ventilation makes the colony less susceptible for condensation or extreme heat. After their release, the worker bees will start pollinating the crop. They are supported by more workers born in the weeks after introduction.

The Natupol Booster provides the bumblebee colonies with extra protection against rain and fluctuating temperatures. The patented Natupol Booster hive contains 80% less plastic and is extremely environmentally friendly and sustainable. The hive is well-insulated, but also has extra ventilation so it can be used in warmer climates. This ideal combination of insulation and ventilation maintains a perfect interior temperature, resulting in a better performing bumblebee colony.

How to use Natupol Booster

Application Natupol Booster

Natupol Booster colonies can be released 4-7 days before the crop flowers. This does not have a negative effect on the colonies nor their pollination capacity.

  • Position the Natupol Boosters evenly throughout the plot. The best position is on a horizontal platform just above the ground.
  • Wait at least for half an hour after positioning the hives before opening the flight holes, this allows the bumblebee colonies to calm down.
  • If necessary, protect the hives from direct sunlight and rain, and weigh down the hive with a stone, for example, to prevent it from blowing away.
  • Open the ventilation holes in the top of the hive during warm weather.
  • Remove the white cap before opening the hive.

Best working conditions Natupol Booster

The Natupol Booster works best at an ambient temperature of between 10 and 30 °C.


  • Every hive contains food in order to keep the bumblebees in good condition during transport and storage.
  • To guarantee the best pollination results, start using the hive on the day of arrival.
  • Start using the hive no later than one day after arrival.
  • Maintain the bumblebees at a temperature of between 15 – 25°C.
  • Avoid direct sunlight on the hive.

Special points of attention

  • Make sure the hives and its entrances are well visible, so the bumblebees easily find their way home.
  • Do not tilt the hive to prevent sugar water from leaking.

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