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Is scouting a time-consuming process? Do you struggle to draw the right conclusions from scouting data? Do you wish you had the possibility to conduct extensive analyses? Natutec Scout is the right tool for you! 

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Use Natutec Scout to improve the effect of scouting

Natutec Scout is the platform to quickly and easily provide insight into the status of a greenhouse. Use the mobile app to collect data and perform extensive analyses in the dashboard. This allows you to see at any moment what is happening in the greenhouse and intervene when necessary, resulting in healthy crops!

  • Perform extensive analyses
    Use graphs to view how pests and disease respond to biological control so that you can intervene where necessary. For this, you can compare different periods or areas in the greenhouse. You can also use heatmaps to identify infestation hotspots for quick intervention.
  • All scouting data in one single location
    Gather all scouting data in a single central location to ensure you retain all data. Access Natutec Scout wherever you are and whenever you need to.
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8 reasons to start using Natutec Scout:

Professionalizes your integrated pest management by using a Cloud-based uniform registration tool

Using Natutec Scout you have all your relevant crop protection data stored in the Cloud. Cloud-based guarantees to access your data when and wherever you need it. Further, Natutec Scout offers a structured method of data gathering and processing, which is necessary to enhance data analysis later on. So avoid inefficiencies using paper, multiple data entries and local IT problems. We offer you a state-of-the-art alternative to set up effective crop protection systems.

Allow Koppert consultants to continue remote support during lockdowns

Both human and plant viruses have led to strict procedures with respect to nursery visits. In general, consultants have to deal with several other sources of communication to get an idea of the actual situation in your greenhouse with respect to controlling pests and diseases. When both parties start using Natutec Scout, communication becomes almost as effective as a regular on site visit. Even without virus pressure, remote support will become the new standard in greenhouse consultancy.

Automatically generates condition-based alerts, indicating development of pests and diseases
Increases reliability of IPM-data – reducing input error-sensitivity
Scans Horiver sticky cards for automatic identification and registration of insects
Securely stores IPM-data in the Cloud accessible from anywhere at any time, providing real- time insights
Increases efficiency, time saving and cost saving
Situation-based support and focus – “Let’s talk about your actual areas of attention!”

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