Natutec Scout

Natutec Scout

Boost and optimize your scouting!

We know that scouting is key in Integrated Pest Management. This is where Natutec Scout can support you. Koppert provides Natutec Scout as a free service to its dedicated customers. In this way we can grow together!


A scout tool for everyone

Natutec Scout is a digital tool of Koppert to effectively and efficiently monitor for pests and diseases.

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Save time and labour costs
  • Constant insight into your crops
  • Collect scouting data in one place

*Available for iOS and Android

The benefits of Natutec Scout

Use your preferred scout method. Record scout observations by mobile phone manually, take pictures of Horiver cards for automatic Whitefly detection, pen & paper scouting and enter in Natutec Scout dashboard or even upload your historical scout observations.

✓ No need to change the way you work. Scout your way.

✓ Get instant insight in your crop situation with advanced graphs and map.

✓ Condition-based alerts on exceeded thresholds.

✓ Get remote support by your technical advisor.

Are you interested in using Natutec Scout?

At this moment Natutec Scout is only available for Koppert customers. If you are interested in using Natutec Scout please contact your local Koppert consultant. If you are not a customer but you are still interested you can sign up for the waiting list via the form below.