V10 Certified organic agent Pepino mosaic virus VX1 and VC1

Use V10 for:

Biological protection against virulent variants of Pepino mosaic virus.

  • 5 liter jerry can
  • 0.8 liter bottle

General information

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When to use V10?

Use V10 to prevent symptoms of the aggressive variants of Pepino mosaic virus (PepMV), such as necrosis on leaves and stems, fruit size reductions, discolorations and cracking.

How does V10 work?

V10 is a biological agent and works through twofold protection. It consists of two mild variants of the virus, VX1 and VC1 (0.005 - 0.025 g / L virus). By vaccinating young plants with non-aggressive variants of Pepino mosaic virus (PepMV), they show fewer or no symptoms when exposed to aggressive variants. There are often several strains of PepMV present in greenhouses; V10 works on several strains.

How to use V10

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Application of V10

  • Shake V10 well before use
  • V10 has a preventive effect; apply to young plants that are free from Pepino mosaic virus
  • Treat each plant individually by rubbing
  • Rub one leaf per stem, just below the head at middle height


  • 0.8 L per ha
  • Dilute 0.8 L V10 with 8 litres of cold water (4-10 ° C)
  • One treatment per cultivation cycle

Best working conditions V10

Keep V10 cool and use within a few hours after dilution. After every long break, start with well-cleaned buckets and preferably with freshly prepared V10. Always keep V10 cold (4-10 ° C)


Biological beneficials have a very short lifespan and therefore need to be introduced into the crop as soon as possible after receipt. Failure to do so can have a negative impact on their quality. In case you do need to store V10, please follow the instructions below. Koppert B.V. is not liable for any loss of quality if the product is stored for longer than recommended and/or under incorrect conditions.

  • Keep V10 cool (4-10 ° C)
  • Use V10 within 3 days
  • Use within 6 hours after dilution


P280C Wear protective gloves and protective clothing.
SP1 Ensure that you do not contaminate water with the product or its packaging.
Follow the safety regulations of your country and the instructions as mentioned on the label.

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