Natupol Seeds

Natupol Seeds Bombus terrestris

Use Natupol Seeds for:

Pollination of isolated crops, produced on a smaller scale such as seed crops


Six hives in a tray, each hive includes a small colony of bumblebees, consisting of 15 workers, 5 males and male brood.

General information

When to use Natupol Seeds?

Natupol Seeds offers unrivalled efficiency and reliable pollination for isolated crops covering smaller areas, from 1 to 25 m2. Natupol Seeds is easy to use and guarantees a long-lasting pollination which greatly reduces the amount of work required in peak periods.

How does Natupol Seeds work?

This product accommodates a small colony of bumblebees compromising around fifteen workers, 5 males and male brood which are known as very efficient pollinators in seed production. After release, two to five worker bumblebees and three to five males will start pollinating the crop. They will be supported by a large number of males being born in the coming weeks after introduction.

How to use Natupol Seeds

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Application Natupol Seeds

  • Place Natupol Seeds in the isolated tent.
  • Wait for at least half an hour after placing the hives, before opening the hive entrance. In this way the bumblebee colonies calm down.
  • Protect the hives from direct sunlight.

Best working conditions Natupol Seeds

Natupol Seeds performs best at ambient temperatures of between 10-30°C


  • Every hive contains food in order to keep the bumblebees in good condition during transport and storage.
  • To guarantee the best pollination results, start using the hive on the day of arrival.
  • Start using the hive no later than one day after arrival.
  • Store the bumblebees in a temperature of between 15 – 25°C .
  • Avoid direct sunlight on the hive.

Use and Hygiene

  • Never move a hive from one greenhouse to another
  • Prevent bumblebees from leaving the greenhouse
  • Remove bumblebee hive 6-8 weeks after introduction
  • Clean the hive stand before placing new hives
  • Seal old hives into plastic bags and dispose them according to local legislation.

Special points of attention

  • Make sure the hives and the entrances are well visible, so the bumblebees can easily find their way home.
  • Place no more than two hives next to or close to each other. To reduce drift of bumblebees make sure each hive entrance points into a different direction.
  • Please note that direct sunlight on the hive can increase the internal hive temperature with 5-15 °C. It is important to provide shade in warm conditions.

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