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Date published: April 15, 2021

Natupol Seeds – more pollinators on arrival and reduced lead time


We have upgraded our popular Natupol Seeds hive to give seed growers even better pollination of small-scale seed plots. Specifically designed for seed companies, the new hive offers 25% more pollinators on arrival.

Much R&D has been invested in the upgrade which was conducted over the past season to improve Natupol Seeds hives with a new formulation. The innovation to the hives have been made in response to feedback from customers, the supply chain and testing.

The upgrade includes:

  • 15 worker bumblebees and 5 males, so 20 individuals at start-up

  • Faster hatching of new bumblebees and greater numbers (up 70%)

  • The order lead time has been greatly reduced from 3 weeks to 8 days

Bumblebees perform very well in isolated crops to provide maximum pollination insurance. Natupol Seeds ensure long-lasting and effective pollination, extending over at least three weeks and up to four or even six weeks in favourable conditions. Our customers can expert advice and intensive guidance.

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