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Airobug Full-automatic blowing device

Use Airobug for:

Airobug is an effective and efficient method to distribute and apply Koppert products. The Airobug is used for large surfaces and full field distribution in high-tech cultivations.


The Airobug is tailor-made and based on the specifications of the greenhouse. The device comes with the following items:

  • Mono-rail* or pipe-rail
  • Carrying case with adjustable dosage and mixing pots
  • Batteries (24V) with charger
*The Airobug for mono-rails includes a lift to attach the blowing device onto the rail

General information

When to use Airobug?

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The use of biological pest control methods can be time consuming during the production of many ornamental and tree nursery crops. The Airobug offers a solution by way of automatic, quick and constant distribution of natural enemies. This uniform distribution leads to an effective biological effective pest control, because the mites reach the pest faster.

Use the Airobug for preventive or curative purposes at larger horticultural holdings. The blowing device guarantees the best distribution of predatory mites and thus contributes to a more efficient, integrated protection for your crop.

How does Airobug work?

The Airobug special fan in combination with the revolving dosage pot ensures a uniform release of carrier material containing natural enemies. The airflow from the fan guarantees the even distribution of this material up to a distance of at least 10 meters from the Airobug. Because of its unique design, the natural enemies suffer no damage due to the use of the blower. Last but not least, mixtures of various natural enemies can be released during one single session.

How to use Airobug

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Application Airobug

Instructions for usage:

  • Attach the Airobug onto the mono-rail or pipe-rail.
  • Fill the adjustable dosage pot with the Koppert product.
  • Attach the pot onto the Airobug.
  • Turn on the switch of the Airobug to start releasing the content of the pot.

Best working conditions Airobug

The Airobug can only be used in greenhouses with internal transport systems .


Store the Airobug and accessories in a dry and dust-free area. Always store the batteries in the chargers when not in use.

This product is only available in combination with Koppert products.

Please contact your local consultant for more information.

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