Scientific name:
Trissolcus basalis
Common name:
Parasitic wasp
Product category:
Natural enemy
Use for:
Use for: Stink bugs
  • For the control of the Southern green stink bug

  • For preventive and light curative control

  • For the control of the Southern green stink bug

  • For preventive and light curative control

Use for

Use for


Southern green stink bug (Nezara viridula).

How it works

How it works

Mode of action

Adult female parasitic wasps of Trissolcus basalis lay an egg in a host egg. Larvae develop inside the host egg, and after pupation the adult emerges from the host egg by biting a hole in the lid of the stink bug egg.

Visual effect

Parasitised host eggs turn beige-brown after about a week and shiny grey-black after about 10-12 days. Nezara eggs from which Trissolcus has emerged have an opening with a serrated edge. Unparasitised eggs have a nice round edge.

Product specifications

Product specifications

Pack size 5000 pupae.
Presentation 90 ml cardboard tube.
Carrier None.

Directions for use

Directions for use


Sprinkle the pupae in Diboxes; 100 Diboxes/ha are recommended.


The dosage of Nezapar depends on climate, crop and stink bug density and should always be adjusted to the particular situation. Start preventively 3 weeks before the first stink bugs are expected. Introduction rates typically range from 1-6 per m²/release. Releases should be repeated at weekly intervals throughout the season or until control is achieved. Consult a Koppert advisor or a recognized distributor of Koppert products for advice on the best strategy for your situation.

Environmental conditions

Trissolcus basalis is most effective at temperatures between 20°C and 30°C (77 and 86°F).

Side effects

Pesticides can have (in)direct effects on biological solutions. Find out which pesticides have side effects on this product.

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Product handling

Product handling

Storage time after receipt

1-2 days.

Storage temperature


Storage conditions

In the dark.


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