Mycotal Bio-insecticide Lecanicillium muscarium Ve6

Use Mycotal for:

Mycotal is used to control white fly and thrips in vegetables, ornamentals, nursery trees and soft fruit, growing in a protected environment (country specific)


Mycotal is sold in polythene bags of 500 grams with a cardboard outer casing.
Formulation: Water dispersible granule (WG)
Concentration: 1010 spores /gram

General information

When to use Mycotal?

Mycotal is used for the biological pest control of whitefly larvae with side effects on thrips larvae (when there is more humidity and in combination with a compatible adjuvant like Addit or Squad).

Mycotal must be used in early growth stages of the crop and when pest numbers are low. For effective control, implement up to 4 applications per whitefly outbreak, at 7-10 day intervals.

Check the label to see in which countries Mycotal is registered to use.

How does Mycotal work?

Mycotal is effective through direct contact, and under the right environmental conditions, kills larvae after 7-10 days. Applications must target larvae and pupae.

After spraying, the spores germinate and grow, producing hyphae that penetrate the body cavity, where they proliferate, destroying the tissues. The fungus then grows through the insect cuticle and produces spores on the outside of the cadaver, which may spread the infection to other white fly and thrips.

How to use Mycotal

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Application Mycotal

Preparation of solution:

  • Mix the required amount of Mycotal with water (15-20°C) stir into a slurry in a bucket. Use 3-4 litres of water per 500 grams of Mycotal
  • Fill the spray tank with the required amount of water
  • Empty the slurry into the spray tank and stir thoroughly
  • Add the correct amount of Addit or Squad to the Mycotal spray solution and mix thoroughly
  • Spray immediately after preparation

Repeat applications (up to 4 times) may be necessary, at the specified interval, to treat new larvae as they emerge and break the pest lifecycle.

Use 500 litres spray solution per hectare for each metre of canopy height. Make sure to keep stirring the spray liquid.

Best working conditions Mycotal

A successful performance of Mycotal depends on the suitability of the temperature, relative humidity conditions under the crop cover and the timing of application. The following minimum conditions are required:

  • Mycotal requires a temperature of 18-30°C and (if applied together with Addit, Squad or another compatible adjuvant) an average relative humidity of 70% for several days after application.
  • Spray during the late afternoon and early evening, directing the spray onto the undersides of the leaves and to the growing points.
  • Thorough leaf (undersurface) coverage is essential for the best results for white fly control. Use high volume spraying equipment
  • Avoid non-compatible fungicide treatments


Koppert B.V. is not liable for any loss of quality if the product is stored for longer than recommended and/or under incorrect conditions.

Storage instructions:

  • Shelf life: see package for expiry date
  • Storage temperature: between 2 ºC -6 ºC
  • Keep away from direct sunlight.


The information given below is merely indicative. Tailored advice can be provided if information is available on the local factors that need to be taken into account, such as the crop, the climate conditions and the level of infestation. For the correct approach, please consult a Koppert specialist or a recognized distributor of Koppert products.

Mycotal preventive light curative heavy curative
Rate - 0.1% 0.1%
m²/unit - 2.000 2.000
Interval (days) - 7 7
Frequency - 2-3x 3-4x
Remarks - - -

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