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Date published: June 28, 2023

Koppert bumblebee hives: fresh look, trusted quality

Koppert bumblebee hives: fresh look, trusted quality

Our pollination portfolio has a brand new look! We offer a modernized look aligned with our new branding, while preserving the same exceptional quality and effectiveness that our bumblebees have always been known for. For many growers good pollination is essential to ensure a high quality harvest. With over 35 years of gained knowledge and expertise we guarantee just that. Our Natupol hives meet the demands of the bumblebees, the logistic chain, and growers’ needs. Making sure growers can depend on our solutions for maximum pollination of their crop. 

Dedicated to quality
However long the production process and logistic journey may be, we do everything possible to see that our pollinators reach their destination ready to do their valuable work in the best condition possible.

Our product quality targets encompass five key aspects: the hive's design and effectiveness, the selection, rearing, and vitality of the bumblebees, continuous research and development, live cargo logistics, and worldwide availability. Operating in a dynamic market requires us to swiftly respond to new horticultural and agricultural challenges, changing climatic conditions, and the demands of growers.

Continuously improving our hives
Over the past few years, we have made significant improvements to our hives. These include remote control of entry hatches, colour codes to aid bumblebees in locating their hives under artificial lighting, and enhanced ventilation that allows bumblebees to spend more time pollinating instead of expending energy on cooling the hives, among other advancements.

Quality breeding facilities and global availability
Natupol hives are manufactured in facilities across three continents, enabling us to breed bumblebees close to our respective markets, ensuring they are ready for pollination upon arrival. We adhere to strict quality protocols for breeding bumblebees, and our enclosed facilities comply with local and international legislation, subject to checks by national authorities.

Our success lies in tracing and safeguarding the entire distribution chain. Distributing bumblebees in different climates presents challenges, so our distribution partners have adapted their storage facilities to accommodate the needs of our bumblebees. Trucks are constantly monitored to identify any delays or unforeseen issues. Standard protocols have been implemented to ensure bumblebee colonies are handled with care and stored appropriately in diverse climatic zones, ensuring they arrive in optimal health for effective pollination.

Best practices and customer engagement
We feel it is essential to be closely connected with our customers and growers. We provide our local Koppert advisors and distributors with up-to-date information, ensuring they benefit from the latest research findings and solutions. Keeping our finger on the pulse also means listening attentively to growers in the field and actively responding to their feedback. Many of our solutions are derived from growers' observations, and we greatly value their role in communicating the challenges they face. In collaboration with nature, we strive to find solutions for today's cultivation issues, promoting healthier, safer, and more productive cultivation practices for a sustainable future.